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        • Zhongke Real Estate

          Zhongke Real Estate takes the advantage of double wheel drive from real estate development and real estate investment to focus on characteristic real estate and emerging industries, relying on engineering construction to create excellent projects. Its real estate model projects include Xinjiang Gallery Bridge River, Qianjiang Zhongke Central Park in Chongqing, Fuling Red Star International Plaza, Guiyang Science and Technology Incubator Park, Tuohai No.1 River Bank in Ya'an of Sichuan, Qijiang Macalline and Aegean Sea Shopping Park and other high-quality projects.
          In the new situation, Zhongke Real Estate takes the momentum to uphold the strategic policy of decreasing the stock and grasping the opportunity by seizing the key projects and making strong the quality projects, promoting the linkage between construction and real estate, in order to improve asset liquidity and profitability, and advance the healthy development of the real estate business.

        Property Management

        Chongqing Qianpeng Property Management Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in property management under the control of Zhongke. The company adheres to the consciousness of “service, quality and innovation” through the whole process of service, being attentive to do everything for the owners. Humanized service is advocated in the management. There are 229 employees in the company. Since the establishment, the people of Qianpeng strictly follow the goal of “the owner first, the service first” and vigorously advocate the service concept of “service is by your side”. On the basis of importing advanced property management model and combining with the actual situation, the property management model with Qianpeng’s characteristics is explored, to provide housekeeping service of good faith, profession and consideration to the owners


        Zhongke Group actively responds to the national call to build people’s livelihood projects and invest in the construction of the Modern Agricultural Garden in Fuling. It has invested 340 million Yuan and completed the construction of the basic facilities in the modern agricultural garden. At the same time, nearly 8000 mu of land has been transferred and nearly 6000 mu has been actually planted. The main planting varieties include 170 seedlings, such as cinnamomum camphora, ginkgo biloba, red leaf plum, cinnamomum pedunculatum, ficus microphylla, michelia chapensis, washingtonia filifera, red plum and so on. In the next ten years, it is planned to build a comprehensive agricultural garden which integrates teenager popular science, parent-child experience, team development and leisure tourism.

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