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        • Zhongke Overseas

          The company adheres to the strategy of international development by positive responding to the national “The Belt and Road” initiative. Zhongke Overseas relies on Hong Kong, India and Southeast Asia to build overseas investment development platform, to achieve the “go out” in a steady manner. Through the arrangement of globalization, the company makes use of the global resources to expand its international perspective. By actively using the industrial integration thinking, it explores new industries, while promotes the development of main industry.

          Zhongke Hong Kong
          Zhongke Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is established by Chongqing Zhongke Holding Co., Ltd. and is its wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, registered capital is 10 million US dollars. Taking advantage of the capital scale, cost and convenient financing in international capital market in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong subsidiary becomes the investment / financing platform and business operation platform for Zhongke.

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