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        PARTY BUILDINGParty Building Online
        Party committeeCPC Party Committee of the Group

        The CPC Party committee of Chongqing Zhongke Holding Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008, and consists of 5 leaders. The Party committee has 3 general branches and 9 branches, including: general branch of Zhongke Construction, Zhongke Real Estate, Zhongke Zhanhe Agriculture, and branch of Holding Group office etc. There are more than 200 party members in the Group Party committee, 85% of the members have a college degree or above, and 70% are special technicians. The age structure of the party members is relatively young, and more than 40% of the party members have served as the middle and senior leadership of the company.

        The Party committee of Zhongke Group is currently the “two new organization” party construction demonstration unit both in Chongqing and Fuling district. It has been awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by the municipal Party Committee and the District Party Committee. Huang Yifeng, chairman of the board is awarded the “Friend of Excellent Party Building” in Chongqing. Since its inception, the committee has always been closely linked to the four aspects: the goal of enterprise development, enterprise culture construction, Party member plays the role, and corporate social responsibility. It adheres to the core concept of “Party Cohesion and Integration to Achieve Win-win” and boldly makes exploration and innovation to successfully create the situation of resonance frequency and mutual guarantee between the Party building and enterprise development, so that the Party building has achieved great success and won wide acclaim from the higher Party organizations and the community. The committee is a banner of the Party building for Chongqing private enterprises.

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